Minnie and her Property Tax

The shoe leather campaign began today. You learn a lot when you just walk the city you live in and knock on doors and talk to people. You find out how many homes are empty, how many need repair, and then you meet someone who touches your life. Today it was an old woman. We will call her Minnie. That was my grandmother’s name.

Minnie has been living in her house for over 40 years. Now she lives alone, except for her little dog. She stays active, does some volunteer work, especially at the polls, every election. We talked to her about the property taxes. She was worried about them. She got more worried about them when we told her about the makeup bill that is coming. She didn’t realize that the governor’s reprieve last fall wasn’t a permanent thing. She just has her social security and a small pension.
Laura, my wife, called the assessors office, to see if we could get the gauge of what she is up against. It wasn’t pretty. The folks in the assessor’s office were helpful though and checked her records. They found that she had not filed her exemption for being over 65. That will be considerable help to her. They are sending the form and Laura will see to it that she gets it filled out and sent in.
The over 65 exemption is an attempt to limit the harshness of the property tax. It does that, if you know enough to file it. That is the problem with administrative fixes. Most people find it difficult to work their way through the bureaucracy. People fall through the cracks. She has been overpaying for years.
Even though Minnie is going to get some help, the fact that she needed it made me angry again about the property tax. It’s just not right.
I should also thank my blessings. At least I have a new friend.

Ken Morgan


One Response to “Minnie and her Property Tax”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Ken, I met you this weekend on your shoe leather campaign and am again wishing you good luck. I wish that more of our representatives would take the time to get to know their constituents by taking the time to see the area they represent as households and individuals as opposed to demographics and donors.

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