Immaculate Heart and the property tax

More walking today and more to learn about the property tax. Today I learned how it strikes at one of our city’s great primary schools, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, in Meridian-Kessler. For years families have moved into the neighborhood so they could send their children to this fine school. It is one of those parochial schools that does such a good job of educating children at a remarkably low cost.

Tonight I learned that a family with four children who had been attending the school withdrew their children because of the property tax. They loved the school. The mother had been driving them to the school every day. The family had been planning to move into the neighborhood because of the school.

It didn’t happen. The property tax in Meridian Kessler drove them away. Instead, they moved to Carmel. So the school lost four students and the income from their tuition, and the neighborhood lost a fine family that would have settled in for a decade or more.

Those who say that property tax is essential for supporting the public schools do not seem to grasp that high property tax undermines the public schools by driving away the tax base. Those who defend the property tax because of the stable income it supposedly provides lose sight of the long term destabilizing effect on communities.


2 Responses to “Immaculate Heart and the property tax”

  1. Brandon Says:

    May I propose some interesting reads for you –
    State of Indiana Municipalities report – pages: 12,13,16,19-22

    This page – – also has some interesting reading/links.

    I’m not exactly sure how we got into this situation, but I do know that a lot of the people sitting in the statehouse are responsible and I don’t trust them to make things any better. They just want to cover their own behinds so they can stay where they’re at.

  2. Ron Says:

    Brandon and Ken,

    I think we all understand one of the problems with the budget / Levy process is the automatic annual increase the Taxing Authorities receive. They don’t have to justify any increase, they just get it. Moreover, they receive Excess Levy and Annexation Levy increases if they have Assessed Valuation growth in excess of the automatic increase, or annex a large amount of Assessed Valuation. So, it’s no wonder that employees get larger pay and benefit increases than their counterparts in the private sector.
    Furthermore, always remember, IACT is a lobbying organization for cities and towns. Elected officials automatically are enrolled and all fees paid by tax dollars through the financial officer of the city or town. So, when viewing the above documents know that it is a baised document trying to justify its own existence.

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