Let’s not let Indy get the St. Louis Blues?

St. LouisMany of our nation’s cities have suffered serious loss of population in their central core. Much of this loss is caused by high taxes, although other forces have an influence. Nowhere is this more apparent than in St. Louis where I grew up. St. Louis has lost a half million people.

The math is simple. People tend to move from high tax areas and toward lower tax areas. Today, we heard someone say, “We are one tax increase away from moving to Hamilton county.”

Indianapolis is a beautiful city and I do not want to see it decline because of foolish tax policy. Take a look at this short video on YouTube and see what has happened to St. Louis. Take a look over the edge and see how far a city can fall, then let’s step back take a breath and vow not to let our city reach that tipping point.

See the Short St. Louis Video by clicking here.


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