Decoration Day

Decoration DayThe primary election falls this year on May 6th, the day after Memorial Day. We seem to have forgotten what Memorial Day is, or was. Now it seems to be just another three day weekend.

It used to be a day when people went as families to the graveyards to remember those who have fallen. Many people called it Decoration Day, because people would decorate the graves with fresh flowers.

The other day, as I walked through the neighborhoods of District 30, I met a great guy who is deeply committed to the idea that we have a country that remembers and keeps its promises. He gave me this quotation:

The Nation that won’t keep faith with it’s defenders, living and dead,
is not fit to have defenders, and cannot have them long.

John A. Bingham,
Representative of Ohio, 1866.

The time may be past when Americans can gather in village cemeteries to honor those past and reminisce about those who made us what we are. We might then consider another, and greater way, of acknowledging what we have been given. We ought to vote on the day after Memorial Day.

Vote your conscience, but please vote.

Decoration Day Ken Morgan


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