dou·ble·speak [duhb-uhl-speek] – noun: language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth

PinnochioOur legislature has passed the much looked for Tax Relief bill. Do not be fooled. It has no relief in it. The bill is an exercise in double-speak, a sophisticated way of lying. It includes tax caps that are not caps, tax cuts that are actually tax increases, referendums that are not referendums, higher sales tax, and no limits on government spending.

Here is the breakdown.

Non-Tax Cuts. What they are calling tax cuts are actually tax increases. In government-speak what they mean by tax cut is a reduction in the increase they had originally planned.

Non-tax caps. You wouldn’t want to wear these caps in the rain. They are full of holes. If a city gets in a pinch it can appeal to an unelected board, which can set aside the tax cap. Some bond debt is not included in the caps. Certain school expenditures are not part of the cap.

Non-Referendums. There is language about referendums but the loopholes are so big we are likely to never see one. Administrators will be able to administrate right around any need for a referendum–so long as they define their expenditures as separate projects each under twenty million. Your school board is free to spend, spend, spend, without calling for a referendum.

Because of this bill we can be certain of four things:
1. The sales tax will go up.
2. Government spending will go up.
3. Property tax will continue to increase.
4. Property tax elimination is not on the legislative agenda.

When 2010 finally gets here, they will have pulled all the homestead credits so your 1% cap will be on the entire amount of whatever mythical assessment you have by that time.

There is only one way to reverse this situation. Elect legislators with shorter noses.


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